Friday, June 22, 2012

Young Tripp - The Kraken

I don't lend a great deal of credence to popular opinion, but in this instance I'm willing to make an exception: there’s a reason why Young Tripp is considered to be one of the best MCs in Des Moines by many local hip hop fans and artists alike. If you’re not familiar with his work and would prefer to make your own judgement, you can download Tripp’s latest offering, “The Kraken – The Mixtape,” for zero dollars*.

“The Kraken” is presented by fellow D.O.P.E. Clique member Ritchie Daggers (the guy in the sleeveless Iron Maiden shirt) and features beats by Big Vern, Aeon Grey, and DMNY Beats, as well as cameos by Ryan Nixon and Gadema, and Calibre of Florida’s Scar Mafia.

While his style might not appeal to all listeners, the discerning ear will find that Tripp's skill is undeniable, and though some might focus solely on his raw and often rapid delivery, to do so is to ignore Tripp’s overall facility as a MC. Sophisticated wordplay and rhyme patterns combine with his aggressive style to create a formidable presence on the mic that few in DMI can step to.

*Tripp recently made his entire discography available for free download, effectively negating any and all of your excuses.

- Scott

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