Sunday, May 20, 2012

Davey Suicide - The new face of Industrial

If you were a musical child of the late '80's or '90's more than likely you had listening experiences with some of the music that fell in to the category of "industrial" or "electronic". If you didn't I'd be willing to bet that bands like Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Dope, Gravity Kills or even Union Underground were names that you could recognize. The genre seemed to somewhat fade in the early 2000's, but now in 2012 it's making a resurgence. 
Since I live in Iowa, I have a disadvantage in finding newer cutting edge music on the radio. We are a few years behind the trends according to the East and West coasts. Luckily, I've made some friends who make their living looking for new and upcoming artists to represent. When they ask if I'm able to do interviews with their artists I jump at the chance because it allows me to be part of the music industry since I can't play an instrument to save my life. It also allows me to expand my musical horizons and check some stuff out that I didn't know about or normally wouldn't listen to.
Davey Suicide resides in LA, California and is gearing up to release their debut album in July of this year. Even though the album isn't released, the band is creating some major buzz in the music world. Just recently Davey Suicide released their first single accompanied by a music video for their song "Generation Fuck Star". The video was directed by Chad Michael Ward who had directed videos for Black Veil Brides, Fear Factory and Marylin Manson!!!

Greg: How excited are you for your album to drop on July 17th? 
Davey Suicide: Extremely. I feel like this album defines me as a person and we’re starting a new chapter in the Industrial Rock world.

Greg: What can past and even new fans expect from you on the debut?
Davey Suicide: An unbridled honesty and confidence to rock that’s been absent for a long time.
There are tracks to fuck to, rebellion, shedding fear, propaganda and hope.

Greg: Who is Davey Suicide the musician and who is Davey Suicide the person?
Davey Suicide: I think they both go hand in hand but the musician side of Davey Suicide releases the aggression that Davey Suicide the person allows to be stored away. Everything I talk about in my music is what I believe as a person so they go hand in hand.

Greg: Tell me a little about the deeper meaning to “Generation Fuck Star”?
Davey Suicide: It represents an empowering freedom and letting go of all the baggage that has plagued me for years. Being the new breed, taking what’s yours and second chances.

Greg: You’ve said that most of your musical influences are based out of the ‘90’s, Who are they?
Davey Suicide: Although they aren’t all 90’s bands, my main influences are Guns N Roses, Manson and Eminem.  

Greg: Can you describe what it’s like being added to Chad Michael Ward’s list of video greats?
Davey Suicide: The biggest challenge in any artistic collaboration is taking a vision from someone’s head and bringing it to life. I brought my concept to Chad and he tweaked it a little to tie up the story and it surpassed every expectation that I had. Going into it, I always felt that his visual aesthetic fit with the soundtrack of Davey Suicide and it came out that way. It was an inspiring experience and he’s an amazing visionary.

Greg: What do you have to say to the youth of America who look up to you?
Davey Suicide: I was once in your spot and instead of letting the world shape you, I made the world cater to what I’m about. In the moments where you feel lost and alone, remember that boundaries and guidelines are only there because we allow them to be there. We’re limitless and opportunities are endless if you go after what you want.

Greg: How about a question that is directed at your female fans? What qualities does Davey Suicides ideal woman have?
Davey Suicide: I love a woman with ambition and a sense of independence that allows her to be happy and confident with or without her man.

Greg: I have one question that everyone gets asked…There is no escaping
If a gun weren’t available, what would your weapon of choice be?

Davey Suicide: A nuclear bomb because once we land, we’re going to change the world.

For more info and show dates check out Davey Suicide on Facebook

- Greg


Joshua said...

Actually, Chad Michael Ward has NEVER directed a Manson Video. Ward likes to list Manson on his resume but it's a lie to make himself look important. Makes sense though - since Davey is nothing but a blantant Manson rip off.

TBBP said...

I will ask Davey about being a Manson "rip off" tomorrow during our personal interview. Make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube page so you can get your response!!!