Thursday, November 3, 2011

My first interview in front of the camera...and glam

Sooooo.....Greg called me one day and said we were doing an interview with Blood on the Dance Floor.  He also informs me that I'm doing the interview.  I'm thinking to myself...what the fuck?!?!  I don't know anything about this band and from what I know, they are from a genre I know nothing about and can't relate to in the slightest.  See, this is the problem with musical segregation.  Obviously, everyone has their own taste, but never discredit a book based on it's cover.  I'll be the first to admit, I'm very judgmental when it comes to music.
We walked up to the venue from separate directions, and although we were coming from separate directions, we shared the same focal point.  Lined up at the door of the venue were a large group of adolescent kids decked out in every color of neon you could imagine.  There were striped socks, jelly bracelets, corsets, panda bear hats and so many more items that overloaded my visual sense. They were jumping up and down, shrieking, squealing, singing...they were happy!
Next up, Greg and I meet up with 'Chops', BOTDF's tour manager , he informs us that they are readying themselves for the interview.  If you've ever seen pictures of this group, they're pretty damn glamorous.  Instead of waiting for the duo, we decided to head inside where it was warm and vacant.  The neon was beginning to damage my vision.  It was comfortable and warm and dark in the bar and we caught the sound check for the first band, New Year's Day.  They had an adorable front woman with an adorable voice to match her adorable poppy vibe.  Greg bought two of their CD's...I was still skeptical, although I was warming...and not just because we were in a comfortable and warm and dark bar.  We had chatted with their guitar player outside briefly.  His name was Jake, he was 17 and he was from LA.  He, too, was adorable. 

Chops let us know that Jayy was ready to be interviewed, Dahvie was not.  He was still beautifying himself.  Greg and I took stage outside and set up.  As I was mentally preparing myself for some kind of onslaught, I saw a tall, slender, beautiful image exit the band trailer and walk, gracefully, towards us.  He introduced himself with confidence and took his seat.  As Greg readied the equipment, Jayy and I chatted casually.  He was really sweet and carried himself incredibly well, as one would expect of a person in his position in life.  He was well versed and as we spoke, I definitely had a rising level of respect for him.  Not that I lacked respect for him in the beginning, but we all go into situations with expectations and having viewed some of the interviews before, they came across as incredibly flamboyant and hard to control.  He is substantially younger than me, so that always comes into affect for me as well.  I have old balls and I'm getting set in my ways.
The interview went incredibly well.  It was comfortable and I learned a lot about him, pleasantly! I found it endearing as he spoke about how he 'used to have sex with everything when he was young'.  I also remember being his age and how I felt so much older than I was the year years run together.  That is neither here nor there though.
The interview finished and we parted ways.  Greg and I went inside to catch the direct support band,  Angelspit, hailing from Australia was taking the stage.  They had two fabulous looking girls, one playing bass, one owning the vocals.  There was also a tall man with a leather-type mo-hawk running a computer, I believe the projector as well as vocals.  They were a pretty impressive band.  I was standing at the back of the crowd, observing.  Same excited kids, but the crowd had grown.  There were adult folk who had joined...some completely glammed out in platform boots, more corsets and an array of colors and patterns.  There were also several tails that had joined us.  Greg enjoyed dragging me directly behind these ghoulish beasts as I have a serious distaste, bordering on fear, of people who wear tails.

They finished their set and were accosted my rabid young teens, hungry for their attention.  Next up, Blood on the Dance Floor.  I had my preconceived notions about this show, like I said before, but these guys impressed.  Is it my new cup of tea?  Probably not, but their stage show and energy were more than impressive.  They put their all into it and you could feel it.  Their audience was fully engaged...bouncing neon tutu's and bunny hats were in abundance...even tail girl was shakin' her ass...horrifically.  To each their own.

I left this show with a completely positive experience.  Jayy was great to work with and easy on the eyes.  He was an incredibly sweet and intelligent young man and their show impressed the hell out of me.  He made a comment about being a misfit.  I think everyone can relate to being in that situation at one point in their life.  We all have experience with bullying and being judged or judging. He spoke with a passion about this issue and this made me respect him even more.  Some people do and some people watch, I get the impression that Jayy 'does'.  I saw a huge group of kids at this show that had not a fear of being judged, maybe just in that moment, maybe in general, but it was an impressive thing.  Not that it makes an inkling of difference, but they gained my respect.  Jayy's goal of breaking down barriers is impressive and I think having a goal so lofty at his age is respectable in itself.  I am definitely a fan of this gentleman.

I highly recommend their show.  If they come back, I will be attending.  Even if it's not your preferred style of music, this group (as well as New Years Day and Angelspit) were a mind riot and an assault on the senses...and I mean this in a positive way.

Watch the magic here:


citifiedpink said...

Gereat interview and great article!

citifiedpink said...

Great article and greeat interview. WTG!