Friday, October 21, 2011

Hank III - Attention Deficit Domination

I Fucking love Doom and Stoner metal. I can't stress that fact enough. They are the sons of Sabbath and BOC. The daughters of Deep Purple and Dio. Bands that believe in heavy doses of feedback and fuzz, droning guitars and deep bass. Groups like Sleep, Bongzilla, Electric Wizard, Weedeater, and Acid King. They epitomize what it means to be a Sludge/Doom band. What can I say, I like Metal, and I like Hank Williams III. So when I heard Williams was releasing a Doom album I was excited. This could be really good. He puts out these great twangy country albums that would make his grandaddy proud, heck, he even looks and sounds like Hank Sr. He's also no stranger to the metal scene, having found relative success with his band Assjack as well as playing with Phil Anselmo and Mike Williams in the band Arson Anthem. Sadly, though Williams is adept at putting out a damn fine country album and he's had solid work with his other side metal projects, "Attention Deficit Domination" is lacking in all the areas where it counts. Whereas a fundamental element of Doom tends to be repetition and drone, Hank just does something wrong. It's very repetitive and droning, just not in the right way. His vocals are drenched in effects and it sounds like he's trying to channel Sabbath era Ozzy, but more importantly they're just way too up front. It's all very competent and well produced but it feels kinda forced, even comical at times. It's almost like he's trying too hard. While there are a couple of tracks like "Make a Fall" and "Demon's Mark" that standout, the album on whole feels more like a novelty than a serious attempt at a Doom album. Maybe I was expecting too much. ADD is not a terrible album by any means. It's actually somewhat enjoyable and has it's moments, but what it comes down to is simple....there's way better Hank III albums, and there's much better metal out there, and I'd rather be listening to those.


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