Friday, July 6, 2012

'Where the wild things crush you': Cypher Pressure Vol. 1

Several weeks ago, a stark video in black and white titled 'Cypher Pressure Vol. 1' appeared on my Facebook wall. The YouTube thumbnail image displayed the familiar faces of some of Des Moines hip hop's heaviest hitters, with one of them appearing in the guise of Lord Raiden. My curiosity aroused, I clicked play and was treated to a showcase of uncut skill and DIY execution courtesy of Nu Depths, Young Tripp and Gadema of D.O.P.E. Clique, and Asphate Woodhavet of Maxilla Blue, with cuts provided by DJ Touchnice, also of Maxilla Blue. If this video managed to slip past your radar undetected, you have the opportunity to reverse that misfortune now. Enjoy.

- Scott

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